Who We Are

Trumbull-Nelson was founded in Hanover, New Hampshire in 1917 and is now located in West Lebanon, New Hampshire. We believe that successful projects result from deliberate planning, assembly of the best team and committing to excellence from design review to presenting the Certificate of Occupancy for every building project.

The T-N Process

Three key attributes underlie our business philosophy: Project Leadership, Collaboration and Shared Responsibility.

Project Leadership

Leadership to us means the vision, temperament and know-how to grasp and deliver your project goals. An effective project leader empowers the team to make sound decisions in the owner’s best interest. This leadership philosophy directs and guides our work at all stages because it emphasizes the importance of every team member’s contributions to a project’s success.


Collaboration is vital to success in the construction business. We gladly partner with trusted architects, designers, engineers and local contractors to provide the highest skill level we can bring to your project. This collaborative approach has always brought the ideal combination of experts – from the architectural design team to the finish carpenters driving the last nails. We work diligently to maintain open communication among the project team. This ensures everyone has access to the same information and resources, and the practice maintains cohesion with our subcontractors.

Shared Responsibility

Completing projects on time and within budget is an ingrained commitment at Trumbull-Nelson. We recognize that all project team members are accountable for a project’s success. The action (or inaction) of discrete members of the team can have a lasting positive or negative effect on project outcomes. Our leaders appropriately enforce accountability and recognize all team members’ valuable contributions. Keeping the emphasis positive and constructive allows every team member know their role is important and we are proud of the dedication and consistently great work of our crews!

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Project Categories

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Religious Facilities


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