Town & Emergency Services Garages and Offices

Trumbull-Nelson was founded on the principle that successful projects result from a deliberate process of developing the best plan, assembling the most qualified team, and committing to excellence in execution from concept to closeout of a building project. Municipal Building Construction must address the following:

  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Energy efficiency
  • Low environmental impact
  • Appropriate look for your community

Three attributes underpin the Trumbull-Nelson philosophy for any construction project:

  • Project Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Shared Responsiblity
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  • Municipal Town Garage Ludlow
  • Municipal Town Garage Ludlow

    Project Leadership

    Project Leadership is the vision, temperament, and know-how to grasp and deliver your project goals. By understanding your mission, vision, and strategy, an effective project leader empowers the Project Team to make sound decisions always in the broader interest of the Owner.

    We understand that a municipal building project is very important to a community. Our leadership, at all stages, will help to make each project we are involved in to be a success for your community.


    Collaboration is a vital part of Trumbull-Nelson’s approach to municipal building construction projects. We want to use local contractors and also work closely with our partner at Butler ManufacturingTM to bring the best combination of skills and expertise to your project. Trumbull-Nelson has been operating in this manner for almost 100 years. It is this practice of defining and using a set of specific skills which enables the project to be completed with desired results. Trumbull-Nelson ensures that there is a process under which the Project Team shares information and resources with each other. Effective collaboration is based on a positive attitude and is the product of conscious and intense preparation for all projects.

    Shared Responsibility

    Shared responsibility is the recognition that all members of a Project Team are accountable for a project’s success. The action, or inaction, of discrete members of the Team can have a lasting positive or negative effect on the outcome of your project. Trumbull-Nelson manages the accountability and recognition for all Team members. This is another aspect of how we complete projects on time and on budget.