Manufacturing Facilities & Offices

Trumbull-Nelson-Manufacturing-Construction-and-Butler-2As a Design-Build firm, Trumbull-Nelson works closely with you and the architectural/engineering team to ensure the efficiency of your Manufacturing construction project, adhering to budget and timing considerations.

There are six aspects to a manufacturing facility building project:

  1. Planning Design
  2. Pre-construction Planning
  3. Detailed Design
  4. Construction
  5. Turnover
  6. Post Care

Trumbull-Nelson will ensure that all aspects are covered properly. We are your partner and will support every facet of your project to help achieve the project objectives.

Planning Design

Trumbull-Nelson can help you with concepts and options. This preliminary planning step is a way to define the scope of the project and to examine options that can help you determine how to save time and money, contributing to a successful building project outcome. We bring together a team of professional architects, engineers, project managers and subcontractors to help you define the requirements of the project.

Pre-construction Planning

In this phase we help you to establish a feasible budget and project schedule. Trumbull-Nelson offers expert pre-construction services, developing a budget and project schedule that maximizes your investment and offers a realistic picture of the expected project outcome.

Detailed Design

After the manufacturing building’s design is refined, the Trumbull-Nelson Team develops construction documents that are specific and fully define the scope of work that is needed to complete your project.


Once the detailed design has been reviewed and approved, Trumbull-Nelson leverages its list of pre-qualified subcontractors for competitive bidding. As a community-minded Construction Manager, our Company endeavors to prioritize the selection of local subcontractors so that we draw from and support the local community.


As Construction Managers, Trumbull-Nelson provides a primary point of contact for all construction management issues. One of the main duties of a Construction Manager to provide a Quality Control/Quality Assurance plan that monitors daily work progress. This means providing all of the necessary inspections and tests required to ensure that work complies with the Contract Documents.

Our job is to confirm that all aspects of the Project are in accordance with the Project Requirements. As our guides we have:

  • Project Specifications
  • Industry Reference Standards
  • Project Submittals
  • Project Correspondence
  • Operations & Maintenance Manuals

When we are fully satisfied with the quality of the project, we then proceed with the turnover process. A well defined turnover needs to be planned well in advance. We provide training and include any special requirements that have surfaced during the construction phase.

Trumbull-Nelson ensures that your personnel are fully satisfied with the turnover to them.

Post Care

Trumbull-Nelson is available to answer questions, provide advice and offer solutions to any issues that arise once the building keys have been turned over. We have provided construction service support to companies in New Hampshire and Vermont since 1917.