Industrial Construction

Industrial Construction - Trumbull Nelson


Industrial Construction encompasses the design, installation, and maintenance of all of the structural and mechanical components in power plants, factories, manufacturing facilities and other similar structures. Industrial construction is a very specialized niche category of construction and requires specific training and expertise by all of the participating contractors and engineers.

Some industrial construction companies specialize only in industrial construction maintenance, or industrial construction installation. Other industrial construction companies – such as Trumbull-Nelson – employ experienced designers, industrial installers and maintenance experts.

Whether it’s a warehouse or a large plant, Trumbull-Nelson Construction Company is well suited to match the project at hand, offering all of the services that are needed for the construction of a manufacturing facility.

Trumbull-Nelson is expert at bringing the right people and companies together to form a team. We either employ or work with designers and engineers, and we can offer you a Design-Build approach. This team of industrial construction specialists allows projects to start more efficiently. We use local resources as much as possible and ensure that all project team members are familiar with the project and objectives.

With any type of industrial construction project we cater to your needs and desires. You may request a Design-Build approach where you provide us with a set of guidelines and then we will present a design that meets your guidelines. You may prefer to select an architect, and then hire Trumbull-Nelson to coordinate all construction activities and manage the project schedule and budget. Whatever the nature of the project, Trumbull-Nelson will ensure that all aspects are properly managed. We have the experience of a century of completed projects, so we know what questions to ask to ensure everything is covered.

With large industrial construction projects, agencies monitor and ensure that all regulations and guidelines are being met. Trumbull-Nelson Construction will spearhead this effort. We will be involved with:

  • Site Plan Review
  • Storm Water/Sewer
  • Safety/Fire Protection
  • Environmental Issues and Approval

Industrial construction is much like residential or commercial construction with regard to how the work is distributed and how contractors are chosen to work on projects. However, there also are many ways in which it is different. Contractors and engineers must have much more “niche” experience than their residential and commercial counterparts. And, due to issues of land area and possible environmental hazards, there are frequently more government regulations involved in industrial projects.

Feel free to contact Trumbull-Nelson for a consultation on your project. We will help you to understand the options that make your industrial construction project be the best it can be.