High Tech Facilities and Offices

There are many different types of high tech facilities — Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Clean Tech, High Tech. Having an inherent complexity of systems, each presents a unique challenge to designers and builders. Considerations include:

  • Health and safety requirements
  • Long-term flexibility and adaptability needs
  • Energy use and efficiency
  • Environmental impact

Trumbull-Nelson and Butler can design and build the facility that is right for you and that will scale into the future.

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    Key needs drive the development of a new model for high tech building construction – one that creates a high tech environment, is responsive to present needs, and is capable of accommodating future demands.



    Maximizing flexibility has always been a key concern in designing or renovating a high tech building. Flexibility can mean several things, including the ability to:

    • Expand easily
    • Readily accommodate reconfigurations and other changes
    • Permit a variety of uses


    High tech buildings can use much more energy and water per square foot than typical office buildings. This is true for a variety of reasons, such as:

    • Containment and exhaust devices
    • Heat-generating equipment
    • 24-hour access
    • Fail-safe redundant backup systems and uninterrupted power supply (UPS) or emergency power
    • Special ventilation requirements
    • Special health and safety code requirements

    Trumbull-Nelson always considers energy and water requirements from a conservation perspective. We work hard to identify opportunities for improving efficiencies while meeting or exceeding health and safety standards.

    A modern high tech facility can also have well-designed, attractive public areas such as atriums, well-lit and finished corridors, and break rooms. Moreover, they may include the latest computer technology in conference areas and amenities such as central cafeterias, child care centers, fitness centers, walking trails and on-site banking. These amenities attract, retain, and support top-performing employees, allowing them to work more comfortably and efficiently, contributing to the long-term success of your high tech venture.

    Get us involved early in your planning. Together, Trumbull-Nelson and Butler can help your business excel with the design and construction of a building tailored for you. We can work with you to design and build what you need, and will have many ideas on how to do so in a manner that provides you with a competitive advantage.