Controlled Environment Construction

Cleanrooms & Critical Environments



When you’re thinking about developing and building a controlled environment (also known as a critical environment) we invite you to consider Trumbull-Nelson Construction as your Construction Manager. At Trumbull-Nelson, we consider the cleanroom to be the benchmark for Controlled Environments.

In the development and construction of a critical environment, considerations have to be made for the segregation of certain areas. When properly segregated, this can result in improved performance and a more prudent use of your budget.
Another example of specific requirements of a particular space, such as a packaging room, may require some, but not all, of the features of a cleanroom. Every space is given separate consideration in Controlled Environment construction.Certain areas have critical temperature requirements, requiring proper specification of insulation and air flow and conditioning. Other areas may heed high air pressures so that if a door is opened, air flows out of rather than into the controlled environment.

These critical details are part of the Trumbull-Nelson planning and construction process. We make sure that all critical parameters are defined and properly specified for your controlled environment.

Simply put, all controlled environments are going to require the following:

  1. Temperature (and perhaps Humidity) Control
  2. Segregation
  3. Pressurization

Trumbull-Nelson will plan and specify all aspects of a controlled environment so that the most suitable products and components are used, with the goal of producing a controlled environment suitable for your needs at a price suitable for your budget.