Athletic Facilities

Trumbull-Nelson has a great deal of experience building sporting facility projects, ranging from from gymnasiums, to more specialized athletic buildings, such as indoor riding arenas. We will support your project from planning and approval to turnover and post-build support.

Trumbull-Nelson and Butler ManufacturingTM combine to design and build athletic facilities. We provide comprehensive planning, design, and construction services for public and private athletic facilities and recreational projects. We will assist you in creating facilities that range from state-of-the-art, all-weather university sports complexes to municipal parks and youth sport facilities.

  • Athletic Buildings - Riding Arena
  • Athletic Buildings Riding Arena - 1
  • Athletic Buildings - Pool
  • Athletic Buildings - Gym
  • Athletic Buildings - Basketball and Climbing Wall

    Our designs are planned to integrate perfectly with the athletic campus master plan and we excel at making the best use of available funds and space.

    Key Benefits of working with Trumbull-Nelson and Butler Manufacturing are many and varied.

    We provide:

    • Rigorous and complete cost estimates for not only the building, but for all types of surfacing
    • Development of all associated athletic facility systems (training rooms, storage, surfacing, seating, scoreboards, lighting, parking, etc.)
    • Design options and value engineering and management to design and build to budget
    • Facilitated project permitting based on detailed understanding of the impacts (environmental, health, light, drainage, etc.) of proposed systems and materials
    • Detailed and current understanding of applicable athletic standards for geometry and access, ensuring that these standards are met and mesh with the specific site requirements and limitations
    • Proven construction track record for athletic facilities
    • Full consideration and compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements throughout the process
    • Detailed planning of sports complex utility infrastructure (electrical, scoring, water, lighting, etc.)
    • Our full experience with the planning and building of sports and athletic buildings and complexes
    • Support and planning for your on-going, long-term, efficient operations management

    Put the combination of Trumbull-Nelson experience, expertise and management and Butler Manufacturing to work for you. The result will be a smooth construction project that comes in on budget and provides a highly suitable, cost-effective athletic facility.